"A Great effort by Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Krishna. They worked the whole night to get the system on line. Thereafter they ensured the users are taught the correct way to use the system. A very hardworking team. Wish you team and the company all the very best in future."

- Air Force Station, Gwalior, September 2009

September, 2009: Customer Feedback

August 2009, Customer Feedback

"…AEM’s facility is by far the best Electronics & Development centre I have seen in the country…."

- Minister of Science & Technology, August 2009

February, 2009 : Customer Feedback

September 2007: Customer Feedback


Dear Sri Aggarwal,

M/s AEM had successfully developed a prototype Voice Control Communication System (VCCS) for the IAF and the same was deployed at Amritsar for SAT.

The professionalism exhibited by your technical team in resolving all the problems is indeed praiseworthy. This operationalisation has been feasible due to the dedicated efforts put in by your team and the same is highly appreciated

I am sure that you and your team will exhibit the same sense of commitment in all future endeavors.

With Hearty Good Wishes
Air Headquarters, Udhampur
September 2007

Vehicle Tracking System: Customer Feedback


Dear Sir,
Recently, you have successfully upgraded our old micro VAX-II of Soaking pits(SM), BSLinto Charon-VAX in Window platform and migrated the system and application softwares etc. The efforts you put behind the success is examplery.I know you have very good technical capabilities to cope up various electronical problems pertaining to our VT220 type text terminal currently being used with the Charon-VAX as the peripheral unit, the only man-machine interface for the end users. As you are well aware of the difficulties to run these 20 yrs. old terminals, hence I request you to explore the alternative of it and feed us with the suitable replacement proposal with latest state of the art.
Thanking you.

With regards.

January, 2011 : Customer Feedback

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March, 2008 : Customer Feedback