National Award for Indigenization of Defence Stores & Equipment -
November 2003

Award for Excellence in Electronics - September 2002

By Govt. Of India (Ministry Of Information And Technology)


Defense Magazine SP’s AirBuz Issue 4 on 4th Aug 2012

IP: The Way Out
ATC turns to dynamic routing for enterprise-wide voice communications

AEM’s VCCS Present Deployment in Indian Air Force- October 2011

100 Locations Country-Wide: Successful Pilot Completed

VCCS component from AEM along with RADAR Component from Bharat Electronics (BEL) forms the Integrated Air Command & Control System (IACCS).

Times of India Newspaper reported the present and future state of IACCS deployment on 7th Oct, 2011 (Article Attached)

The Hindu reported success of Command and Control Network of IAF on 25th June, 2012

Official sources said that inspired by the success of the pilot project of the command and control network of the IAF, it was decided to go for a nationwide network, whose total cost was estimated to be around Rs. 7000 crore.

The IACCS is crucial as it controls the air defence operations of the Air Force by integrating both ground-based and airborne sensors with air defence weapon systems, giving decision makers a complete “situational picture” of the combat zone. read more...

Common Wealth Games - 2010

Tracked & Geo-Fenced 1800 Vehicles allocated for Athletes, referees & Delegates.

AEM tracking devices to the rescue - March 2008 Autocar Professional

Applied Electro Magnetics is helping fleet owners monitor vehicle movement and industry with its automated production monitoring system

Fleet Management in India - October 2007 GIS Development

Fleet Management in India is still at nascent stage.

By Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries

Award for Indigenization in Aero Space - April 2006

No Small Players - December 2004 FORCE

I am the only player in the fray and hence the entire tendering system comes to a grinding halt. What they look for are 40 - 50 tenders to select from.