Hardware Support to Application Developers

Teaching Engineering & Innovation Through “Real” Lab Work

The super-accelerated pace of today’s technology mandates that University Education be supplemented with practical training courses for students to be exposed hands-on to modern day design and development equipment. It is becoming increasingly essential for engineering labs to equip themselves with new training platforms for students to not only apply their theoretical learning, but more so, to learn modern techniques as aids in meeting the technology challenges of tomorrow.

AEM’s journey of over three decades of innovation in developing mission critical real world technology based solutions has resulted in the creation of a variety of useful, multi-purpose electronic platforms. These versatile embedded platforms act as basic building blocks for programmers to rapidly convert innovative concepts into working models of new applications, that are proven, made robust, field tested, produced and finally deployed.

These are the basic building blocks and versatile embedded platforms that we wish to offer to Engineering students to impart a new dimension to Laboratory Training. Using these platforms, students would not only be able to fully appreciate and apply their theoretical learning, but also, harness their intelligence and innovation to develop fully working and demonstrable applications without worrying about going through the rigor and expense of customized hardware design.

eNgineering  iNspiration

iNnovation  eNtrepreneurship

AEM Offers Ready-to-use Technology Platforms that can be used as building blocks to create & innovate solutions across various industries. The lab-kit contains components that enable students and faculty to develop domain expertise in upcoming & vibrant Industry Sectors, helping bridge the Academia - Industry gap.


Lab Courses Offered: