AEM has distinguished itself as a premier company in Embedded Systems and Solutions. We over the years have done a number of successful customized projects in the high technology areas and hence specialize in custom-built products /projects, value adding over the existing hardware and software platforms, turnkey projects and third party product support. The company has been providing turnkey solutions to a number of Government, Private Sector, Public Sector and other Organizations.

We are team-oriented and are highly skilled in our area of expertise. We are firmly committed to your professional growth, personal satisfaction and overall well being. We've built a team of intelligent, dedicated and passionate individuals. We don't just work for a living, we work for a sense of accomplishment resulting "success sharing" and giving tangible and intangible benefits to all.

There is no limit to where you can take your career at AEM - we pay as much attention to our employee's growth as to the company's growth. We are known for the importance we accord to learning. It enables our employees to keep pace with the rapid changes in the marketplace and gives us a competitive edge. The time and money that is invested on strengthening the fundamentals, gives us very good return in future.

AEM's comprehensive career growth program provides each employee, the career owner, with opportunity to define and achieve career objectives in terms of professional and personal growth, within the context of AEM's business needs and opportunities.

This approach is personalized according to a realistic career plan that is formulated between each employee and resource management, based on both personal and organizational goals. Project managers ensure that a plan exists for each employee, that plans are reviewed and updated during informal and formal performance appraisals & that the plans are implemented.

To enable our employees, we provide opportunities for training through experience, designed to improve competence, expand knowledge and skill & prepare employees for new opportunities within the organization. Our training provides inputs not only in ones own core area but also across all key cross technologies in the company.