Fuel Monitoring Device

Remote Immobilizer

Taxi - Fare Meter

Fuel Monitoring Device helps reduce fuel expenses by taking full control of fuel consumption of the vehicle.

  1. BulletFMU acquires Fuel sensor/gauge output signal for determining the Fuel Level in the Tank.

  2. Bullet Provides voltage to Fuel Sensor when ignition is OFF.

  3. Bullet Calibrates raw data into volume (in liters).

  4. Bullet Minimizes setup errors by providing potentiometer support to set reference values for MIN level of fuel tank.

  5. BulletDetects & sends alerts for FUEL PILFERAGE, REFUELING, TANK RESERVE / TANK FULL.

  6. BulletPeriodically updates alerts & fuel volume information to the vehicle mounted tracking unit.

  7. BulletFMU supports tanks of various sizes: up to 5 pre-programmed sizes. Configuration is also possible Over-The-Air (OTA) or via RS-232

The immobilizer is a special device that can be remotely activated to immobilize the vehicle by cutting off power to the fuel tank. It can be used by management of a fleet of taxis/trucks when any alert of vehicle theft/damage has been detected, to safeguard the vehicle.

Remote Immobilizer

Temperature Sensor

Ideal for Vans transporting perishable goods such as food items, or items that require refrigeration (medicines, etc.). The temperature sensor periodically transmits temperature of the vehicle along with its location and co-ordinates, so as to instantly alert the management if the vehicle’s temperature is outside the desired temperature range that is required for safely transporting the particular refrigerated item.

Temperature Sensor

RFID Based In-Vehicle Attendance

This add-on is ideal for management of a fleet of taxis, for instant determination of the current taxi-meter fare. The device remotely alerts the management whether the taxi is engaged or free at any time, so that depending upon its location, a free taxi can be routed to reach a particular customer who has called for a taxi.


RFID based Access Control System provides a single-box solution to monitor & manage in-vehicle access, schedule-adherence & attendance of BPO Employees, School students, etc.

The system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based contact-less cards (Mi-Fair) for access control.

RFID in Vehicles for Attendance Management
Fuel Monitoring


  1. BulletSRAM: 8 KB, ADC: 12 Bit Resolution

  2. BulletFlash Memory: 128 KB

  3. BulletInput Voltage: 9 - 30 Volts

  4. BulletEnclosure: ABS or Aluminum Extrusion

  5. BulletCommunication:

  6. BulletPort: RS232C (5-wire)

  7. BulletProtocol : RIL Proprietary

  8. BulletSensor: Float Sensor with fuel gauge supported

  9. BulletPower Consumption: 12 V, 25 - 30 mA

  10. BulletOperating Temperature: -10 to +85 Degrees Centigrade

  11. BulletMicro Controller: 32 Bit

  12. BulletLED Indications:

  13. BulletTank Full LED

  14. BulletTank Reserve LED

  15. BulletWatchdog LED