Vehicle Tracking Device (AVL 500)



Vehicle Tracking System , AVL 500

AVL-500 is a vehicle-tracking device that is mounted in a vehicle and tracks the location and speed of the vehicle. Based on GPS, GSM, CDMA and GPRS technologies, the system wirelessly transmits the vehicle’s absolute location with an accuracy of 5-10 meters in any part of the world, and publishes it on web-based maps. This information can be viewed online on the Internet.

The system detects harsh-braking, speed, fuel pilferage, mileage, vehicle temperature and a host of other real-time data essential for tracking your fleet of taxis and trucks. It also comes with remote immobilizer to remotely cut-off supply to the fuel tank in case of theft. The device has options for voice calling facilities, Fuel Monitoring System, RFID based attendance, SOS buttons for the driver and provisions for connecting FM-radio and Taxi-Fare Meter.

AVL-500 is manufactured in a fully automated Robotic SMT line, at AEM's ISO-9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility conforming to IPC 610-D workmanship standards.

AVL-500 has IP65 standard enclosure. 

Through its flexible design, AVL-500 offers several Digital & Analog I/Os which can be connected to various peripherals that enhance its functionality:

  1. BulletFuel Monitoring System

  2. BulletRemote Immobilizer

  3. BulletTaxi - Fare Meter

  4. BulletTemperature Sensor

  5. BulletRFID based In-Vehicle Access / Attendance

AVL 500 has over 20,000 successful deployments, including OEM arrangements with TATA Motors (for their high-end trucks). Our devices also successfully tracked & Geo-fenced 1800 vehicles used for transporting Athletes for Commonwealth games 2010 over 250 pre-defined routes.

AVL 500 ensures substantial improvement in efficiency of fleet operations, greater field workforce productivity, lower fleet operating costs & better customer service:

  1. BulletRugged vehicle tracking device suitable for OEM / After market automotive fitment

  2. BulletReal-time and/or playback of vehicle’s travel path on a digital map including

  3. BulletLocation, Speed of the vehicle

  4. BulletDistance traveled

  5. BulletNo., Duration, Location of stops

  6. BulletNo user intervention. User does not even need to know of its presence inside the vehicle.

  7. Bullet2 way voice communication with voice kit.

  8. BulletBuilt in GPRS / SMS / CDMA communication.

  9. BulletEmergency (SOS) Alert switch & business specific text messaging (Reached Location, Traffic Jam, Breakdown)

  10. BulletGenerates SMS/E-mail alert in event of over speed, sensor events (Digital Input/Output)

  11. BulletRemotely configurable.

  12. BulletCustomizable to meet client specific requirements and/or monitor events occurring inside the vehicle via sensors integrations

  13. BulletCompatible with web based applications


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