Aircraft Testers & Ground Support Equipment


  1. BulletThe systems are modular, portable & reconfigurable. Growth capacity for incorporating new test requirements.

  1. BulletTransportable systems, composed of low-weight, low-volume ruggedized boxes designed to comply with military shock & vibration specs.

  1. BulletSoftware is the result of component oriented design & object oriented programming, allowing for easy maintenance & potential reuse.

  1. BulletSoftware furnishes multiple services: execution support for Test Sequences, storage of results, test reports, statistics, use of the station, etc.

  1. BulletSelf-Tests & debugging features are incorporated to provide confidence in the Equipment readiness


  1. BulletGSM/GPRS

  2. BulletEthernet / USB

  3. BulletTouch Screen for User Interface.

  4. BulletVHDL/ JTAG.

  5. BulletCamera Support

  6. BulletWin XP, Win CE, Linux.

  7. BulletHigh-resolution LCD screen varying from 3.5” to 17”

  8. BulletC/ VB /.Net/ C#

  9. BulletDistributed control architecture based on Pentium Processors, Rabbit Micro Controller, ARM etc.

AEM's Aircraft Test & Ground Equipment project pertains to Development & Production of Support Equipment required for Maintenance & serviceability checks of various fighter Aircrafts owned by Indian Air Force. Test & Ground Support Equipment Developed by us encompass Flight Data milking & Analysis Systems, Fly-By Wire Test Systems, Engine Computer Test Systems, Missile Check out systems & other miscellaneous equipment for testing/evaluating of pyrotechnics & counter measure dispensing sets.


  1. BulletModular Architecture, designed around re-usable components. Multi - Processor Environment

  1. BulletFunctional Components:

  2. 1.Master processor

  3. 2.Analog Measurement/Stimuli Generation

  4. 3.Analog Conditioning & Multiplexing

  5. 4.PC Platform & UI interfaceDiscrete & Special

  6. 5.I/O Power Supply

  7. 6.I / O Buffer

  1. BulletProcessor(s) interact with other modules via Serial Communication/Parallel Bus/Ethernet / USB

  1. BulletEmbedded Systems: Custom Hardware / Software

  2. BulletCommunication Systems: Voice Over IP (VOIP), Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Radio Telephony

  3. BulletGround Testers for Aircrafts

  4. BulletAirborne Mission Computers

  5. BulletMIL STD 1553 & ARINC 429 Bus Interfaces

  6. BulletAutomatic Test Benches and Calibration

  7. BulletNetwork Management System

  8. BulletSimulators for Sub-Systems

  9. BulletGround Support Equipment for 1st & 2nd Line Maintenance

  10. BulletTechnician Training Infrastructure

  11. BulletHarness Assemblies, Fixtures for Harness Testing

  12. BulletMaintenance & Repair of Avionics Equipment

  13. BulletSetup for Repair of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

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