Contract Manufacturing of Electronic Boards

High Speed Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line for manufacturing and Automatic Optical Inspection for error free production of complex multilayer PC Brands.

In-House Research, Design, Production & Testing

Customized Hardware / Software Design & Development

Hardware Support to Application Developers

The super-accelerated pace of today’s technology mandates that University Education be supplemented with practical training courses for students to be exposed hands-on to modern day design and development equipment. It is becoming increasingly essential for engineering labs to equip themselves with new training platforms for students to not only apply their theoretical learning, but more so, to learn modern techniques as aids in meeting the technology challenges of tomorrow.

AEM’s journey of over three decades of innovation in developing mission critical real world technology based solutions has resulted in the creation of a variety of useful, multi-purpose electronic platforms. These versatile embedded platforms act as basic building blocks for programmers to rapidly convert innovative concepts into working models of new applications, that are proven, made robust, field tested, produced and finally deployed. Read More

AEM has an excellent developmental infrastructure. With a strong R&D base in hardware and software, years of rich design experience and a record of many successful projects, AEM can take challenging assignments to provide total solution.

AEM Production Quality Features

ISO 9001: 2008
Certified Embedded Solutions Company

    Bullet IPC 610 D workmanship standards

    Bullet Implementing Statistical process tool like Histogram, pie chart, control charts for controlling the process at vendor end.

    Bullet Design for Manufacturability (DFM) before finalizing the production process

    Bullet Capability of Lead Free Production

    Bullet Capability of SMT as well as Through Hole Components using wave soldering machine.

    Bullet Conformal coating (Esymtec)

    Bullet Minimum component size that can be handled: 0402 (upgradeable)

    Bullet Automatic optical Inspection Machine: for automatic soldering check to eliminate any subjectivity from inspection process. (Mentos)

    Bullet Rework station (OKI) for BGA and other fine-pitch components.

    Bullet Automatic component counter

Power Supply Provisions

    Bullet Three Phase Stabilized Power Supply: 4W, 230 VAC/ph. 50 Hz

    Bullet Protection against Voltage Peaks: Over Voltage is according to tolerance of equipment used. Power Interruption UPS Backup, Automatic Voltage Regulator in case of unstable Voltage.

    Bullet Power Consumption of Test Systems & Work Benches: Operation within 2KW Power Consumption (16 Amp. Single Phase)

On-Site Environment

    Bullet Air Conditioning: Temperature Range: 23 C (+/-5 C)

    Bullet Air Filtering for Production Hall: EU5 Specification.

    Bullet Compressed Air: Approximately 10 Bar, Oil Separator, Fine Dust Filter

    Bullet Ground Load: 700 Kg/Square Meter

    Bullet Basement: Level, Solid and Stable Surface for ESD Floor

    Bullet Illumination: Well illuminated work benches with anti-reflection measures

ESD Infrastructure

EN61340-5-1 & EN61340-5-2 Standards

    Bullet Floor-Covering in all areas where ESD parts are handled

    Bullet ESD Tape for Packing, plates for packing and ground marking tape for clear demarcation of ESD Areas

    Bullet Tera Ohmmeter for ESD Audits

    Bullet ESD Protection clothes, caps, shoes, earth bands and gloves

    Bullet ESD Tester at workshop entrance

    Bullet Storage Bins, Dissipative Bags, Packaging

    Bullet Production Shop Area 220 Square Meters