Windows Based Mobile Computing Platform

SWIF LITMUS is a compact hand-held computing platform for mobile applications ideal for point of sale billing applications, inventory management, wireless server updates, surveys, data-logging etc. It is a highly flexible and user-friendly hand held computer, with Windows CE Operating System, touch LCD, USB ports for data transfer, and dot-net based software development environment.

Through its rich feature set of built-in card readers including RFID reader/writer and Magnetic Card Reader, SWIF LITMUS adds immense value to mobility based business solutions. These features enable deployment of payment applications using all kinds of payment instruments such as credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards, as well as asset management applications.

Built-In GSM / GPRS facility renders it an invaluable field equipment for web-based data-transfer for all kinds of mobile transactions, enabling remote-area workforce to be always online and connected to the central-office.

Hand Held Terminal
  1. BulletIdeal platform for mobile applications

  2. BulletCompact, Light Weight 220 x 80 x 35 mm, 650g

  3. Bullet3.5” Colour Touch Screen

  4. BulletMagnetic Swipe Reader: ISO 7811 –7812 Conformance

  5. BulletWindows CE OS, 32 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM

  6. BulletMSR Card Slot, RFID, USB, Mini USB, Serial, GPRS

  7. BulletBattery: 7.4 V Li Ion Battery, 1700 mAH

  8. BulletSD card support for storing data with USB interface

Ticketing or Receipt Generation
Payment Terminal Device
RFID enabled Hand Held Device


  1. Connect wirelessly anywhere in the world

  2. Browse the Internet

  3. Instantly upload transaction information to server

  4. Make Payments Online

  5. Access own web server for specific applications



  1. Attach external printer for receipt generation

  2. Issue Tickets / Challans anywhere anytime


Mobile Retailers now have the power to instantly locate items, check pricing, receive payments and provide personalized promotions

  1. Receive credit / debit card payments.

  2. Access payment gateways to make online payments.

  3. Issue bills / receipts via external printer.


Supply-chain awareness will reach new heights with RFID reader, writer & Magnetic Swipe Card Scanner, all in a single device.

  1. RFID enables smart card based applications (pre-paid card payments).

  2. Loyalty cards for shops.

  3. Toll Applications.

  4. Access management via authorized card access.

  5. Inventory / Asset tracking.


Deploy a host of mobile software applications & devices to advance business velocity internally & with agents & customers.

  1. E - Challan.

  2. Water & Energy meter reading.

  3. Toll Application.

  4. Surveys / Data Collection.

  5. Access Control.

  6. Transport Management System.

  7. Work Force Attendance Management.

  8. Tax / Payment Collection Unit.


  1. BulletBluetooth Printer

  2. BulletSerial Printer

  3. BulletBluetooth Module

  4. BulletRFID Module

  5. BulletZigbee Module

  6. BulletMagnetic Swipe Module

  7. BulletGPRS Module

  8. BulletBarcode Reader

  9. BulletWeighing Scale