IP Television (IPTV)

AEM Delivers Indigenous Developed Platforms To: Enable Integrated Services For Communications, Collaboration, Entertainment & Security

AEM provides Video on demand to provide instantaneous Video along with High definition experience. The advantage here is that the organization can put their own video content like Education Videos, training videos, videos of various functions and events organized. The same may be made accessible to authorized personnel or to all members.

Video On Demand (VOD)

IP networks initiate process and receive voice or multimedia communication using IP protocol. These IP systems may be public IP system (e.g. the internet), private data system (e.g. LAN based) or the hybrid of public and private systems. AEM provides Fiber- To- The-Home (FTTH) connectivity that allows these services available to apartments over a single optical fiber without requiring additional wiring & antenna installation.

The infrastructure supports Live Television channels through various service modes like, Cable TV, DTH and IPTV. The residents can subscribe to the service of their choice.

  1. BulletCable TV

  2. BulletDTH

  3. BulletIPTV

Voice Telephony, Video Conference
Converged Service Offerings over Fiber Optic Network-Video on Demand, Video Conference, Internet, Interanet, Gps Vehicle Tracking, Surveillance, Shop Floor Automation, Access Control, Attendance Management

Converged Service Offerings over Fiber Optic Network

Internet Protocol Telephony uses IP packet – switched connections to exchange voice, fax & other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over switched connection of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). AEM installs an IP PBX for providing telephony service in the complex. It provides local intercom and PSTN telephony.

1. Intercom Service:

Intercom facility is available within the complex. All the residents are able to communicate with each other, service points within the complex like Main gate, security, shops etc. This facility is available irrespective of whether a resident takes any telephone connection or not.

2. Telephone Service from Multiple Service Providers:

Multiple service providers are supported for providing the Telephone service to the complex so that residents have a choice of service. To start with, at least TWO service providers (Reliance, Airtel or BSNL) are supported. The members are able to take the service from either of the service providers.

3. Video Telephony

Video Telephony is supported within the complex. For this AEM provides Video IP phones

IP Telephony

  1. BulletHighly Targeted Advertising

  2. BulletStreaming Video Content

  3. BulletCampus-Wide Emergency Notification & Info Updates

  4. BulletNew Revenue Opportunities & Business Models

Digital Signage

AEM provides IP based solutions for security and surveillance. The security solutions consist of some applications like: Access Control and Identification solution, Gate Security System, Guard Beat Management System, Time and Attendance Management, Visitor Management.

For Access Control and Identification, AEM supports:

  1. BulletSmart - Card based

  2. BulletBio-Metric (Fingerprint) based

  3. BulletIris Scan based

  4. BulletFace Recognition

AEM ensures Gate Security System:

  1. BulletFor every entry / exit of the Facility

  2. BulletVehicle Control

  3. BulletIndividual entry Control

For Visitor Management System AEM generates temporary ID Card for every visitor with limited access rights and limited duration. AEM also provides the facility to generate ID card including Web Camera, RFID Reader / Writer, Card Printer and Application Software.

Security & Surveillance

Gate Security System

NMS is an enterprise ready network management JAVA based software, capable of doing automated network discoveries and polling of most common services like SNMP, ICMP, HTTP, SSH, LDAP, POPs, FTP, MySQL, Java, TCP/IP etc. Many more services can usually be discovered and monitored with additional configuration. AEM’s NMS block is at server side and it controls the various network agents which in turn, control the corresponding network modules. The NMS is based on the FCAPS concept where FCAPS means:

  1. BulletFault management

  2. BulletConfiguration Management

  3. BulletAccounting Management

  4. BulletPerformance Management

  5. BulletSecurity Management

In addition It has service based monitoring event handling and trap handling as well. It has multifunction based login architecture which can support flexible management and maintenance approaches like shift scheduler etc. NMS is capable of various report generation. NMS is also able to automatically discover the devices connected to network, managing TCP/ IP addressable devices and things that make them work.


  1. BulletAutomatically discover devices connected to the network

  2. BulletRule-based configuration

  3. BulletSupports multiple user views

  4. BulletExtremely configurable and customizable

  5. BulletUser-centric service polling

  6. Bullet"Traps" come from network devices

  7. BulletMorphed into an XML event


  1. BulletFault Management

  2. BulletConfiguration Management

  3. BulletAccounting Management

  4. BulletPerformance Management

  5. BulletSecurity Management

  6. BulletService Based Monitoring

  7. BulletEvent Handling

  8. BulletTrap-Handler

Network Management System (NMS)