Smart Energy Metering: Electronic Meter Data Acquisition & Analysis

ROI BENEFITS: Improve Revenue, Maximize Service Delivery, Minimize Overheads

Enhanced Service Delivery

  1. BulletFaster Outage Detection, Fault Localization

  2. BulletShorter outage times, maintenance intervals

  3. BulletAccuracy in Billing

  4. BulletTampering & Theft Detection

  5. BulletBill Information sent via SMS / Posted Online

  6. BulletEnergy Auditing down to consumer level

  7. BulletAdvance Provisioning for increased demand

Significantly Reduced Op-Ex

  1. BulletEliminates manual meter reading: Errors & Cost

  2. BulletReduces

  3. BulletUn-billed revenue

  4. BulletCall Center Load

  5. BulletField Service manpower & equipment expense

  6. BulletPower Theft

  7. BulletCost of Fault Identification

  8. BulletOptimizes Business Processes

Digitally Enabled Metering

  1. BulletDigitally Enabled => Scalable & Futuristic

  2. Bullet24 X 7 Live Monitoring of Energy Parameters without Human Intervention

  3. BulletMeter Data Acquisition, Logging & Wireless Transmission to Central Server: AUTOMATED, RUGGED & IN REAL TIME

  4. BulletReady Availability of Billing Information, Consumption Pattern of EACH CUSTOMER

Energy Metering

Scalable, Optimized Delivery of Power

The Solution

The Benefits