Remote RADAR Data Display

Signal Conditioning & Analysis Unit

Remote Radar Data Display-Intelligent Message Terminal (RRDD-IMT) is an integrated system for use with the FADHS system in the Air-force. The system is intended to perform two distinct functions:

Remote Radar Data Display Unit (RRDD)

Receiving the Radar Track Synthetic Video information/ data on a modem link from a remote radar site, extracting the Radar Track information, processing it and displaying it on a circular area of 50NM radius on the Raster Scan Colour Display Screen of the computer. Maximum track capacity is 50 Tracks / scan. It can be customized to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Intelligent Message Terminal (IMT)

  1. BulletProvides special forms for creating, editing error-free messages, data validation & error-checking

  2. BulletTransmitting messages on Teleprinter lines at desired time for delivery into FADHS system.

  3. BulletReceiving, logging, displaying and printing messages.

remote radar data display

Signal Conditioning and Analysis System provides a signal analysis box on to aircraft engines, which can continuously monitor it during operation. The data collected can be analyzed after the landing of each flight

signal conditioning and analysis unit