AEM VCCS is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) Based Communication Solution across RADAR Sites, Command Headquarters, Air Bases, Missile Posts and Aircrafts.

  1. BulletIntegrates all communication media (wireless & wire - line) into a single interoperable backbone.

  1. BulletIndian Air Force is the First Air Force to use VOIP across the world.

  1. BulletGround-to-air Radio Telephony (RT) channels through local or remotely positioned RT sets

  1. BulletIntegration of EPABX system at ADDC and remote sites

  1. BulletIntercom for communication amongst operators within ADDC & at remote sites.

  1. BulletRx/Tx of short text messages between ADDC & external elements in VCCS network.

  1. BulletCommunication Media: Dual Gigabit WAN

  1. BulletTechnical Monitoring and Control Station with Network Management System in Hot Standby Mode

Voice Communication & Control System (VCCS)

VCCS Key Components

  1. BulletAEM Voice Switch

  1. BulletScramble system

  1. BulletRadio Interface Units for RT sets

  1. BulletIP Phones and Accessories

  1. BulletRecord - Replay System

  1. BulletMedia Converters

  1. BulletOperator Consoles

  1. BulletFXO - Gateways

  1. BulletTechnical Management and Control Station

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Based Communication Solution for C4I

Voice Communication & Control System

Integrated Communication

  1. BulletAir Defense Direction Center (ADDC)

  2. BulletAir HQ

  3. BulletCommand HQ

  4. BulletCentral Data Fusion & Repository

  5. BulletSensors

  6. BulletAir Bases

  7. BulletMissile Control Posts

  1. BulletAir Force Movement Liaison Units

  2. BulletJoint Air Defense Centre

  3. BulletDivisional Air Defense Centre

  4. BulletMaritime Operation Centre

  5. BulletJCAC

  6. BulletAWACS Ground Exploitation Station


  1. BulletHardware: Commercial / Industrial Grade

  1. BulletSoftware: LINUX OS for servers. Well Defined, Modular, H/W Independent API’s

  1. BulletReliability: 99.99% Uptime

  1. BulletUpgradability & Scalability: Handles increased end points & call handling requirements

  1. BulletInteroperability: Interface with other TDM & VOIP Networks

  1. BulletMaintainability: Hardware/Software Diagnostics, MTBF, Stocking of Spares