Micro-Controller based Track Monitoring System used for signaling in Railways for helping increase the utilization of railroad and yet ensure Fail-Safe Operation

  1. BulletModular design for easy maintenance

  2. BulletFail safe operation

  3. BulletDuplication of computation paths for 2 out of 2 decision

  4. BulletEliminates need for wooden sleepers

  5. BulletMonitors section length of up to 30 Km

  6. BulletGreen/Red LED Indication for track clear/occupied status

  7. BulletWorks on centrally powered 24V DC or 110V AC

  8. BulletOpto - isolated relay drive for noise immunity

Single Section Digital Axle Counter

Multi Section Digital Axle Counter

Signaling equipment for simultaneous detection of track vacancy for several lines in a station or yard area including point zone sections

  1. BulletThe system provides individual vital relay output for each section / point zone based on the principle of counting of axles.

  1. BulletIt can be deployed for simultaneous monitoring of following track sections in a station or yard area:

    1. BulletLoop Line

    2. BulletMain Line

    3. BulletPlatform Line

    4. BulletGoods Line

    5. BulletCommon Line

    6. BulletStabling Line

    7. BulletPoint Zone

    8. BulletDead End

  2. BulletSystem Brief: The MSDAC comprises of

    1. BulletAxle Detectors

    2. BulletElectronic field units

    3. BulletCentral Evaluator

    4. BulletSM's Reset panel

    5. BulletMonitoring Unit

Train Actuated Warning Device

A Level Crossing Signaling system that provides prior information to the Road User on a manned/ unmanned level crossing about any train approaching from either side of the level crossing (Gate).

The system comprises of:

Remote Units (RU): Placed on either side of the track, they act as sensors to detect train movement, direction & wheel counts.

Gate Unit (GU): Placed near the gates, this receives track status, train health, direction and speed information from Remote Units & passes it to Decision Unit.

Decision Unit (DU): Based on information regarding any approaching train, this computes decision of gate closure, Light Signal (Red / Green) & Alarm generation.

Audio Visual Alarm: Alarm (siren) and blinking lights for alerting road users regarding approaching train.

Station Master Monitoring & Reset Panel: Equipment for Station Master to monitor the health and proper functioning of all units and remotely reset them if required.

Solar Panels: These are used to charge Battery Banks on which the system operates. Need for continuous electricity supply is therefore eliminated.

The SSDAC, MSDAC & TAWD have RDSO approval. They have a coverage of ~ 20,000 Km of Indian Rail Track so far.. And growing…

These products and solutions are mechanisms to enhance safety and security of railways passengers and assets, using state-of-the-art indigenized Electronic Signaling Systems conforming to the stringent European standards of Railways Safety (CENELEC, SIL-4).

Imperative for safety of road users on level crossings, as well as for rail passengers, these systems protect valuable human lives through their proven, proactive, cost-effective and robust architecture.

Download Slide Shows: SSDAC  MSDAC  TAWD

Collision Prevention System

Collision Prevention System

A holistic solution for early detection, probability computation, forewarning and prevention of an imminent train accident.