Welcome to AEM! A premier company in Embedded Systems & Solutions, we are rated amongst India’s top 35 Small-Medium Scale Companies (NSIC CRISIL, 2010-11). Since 1975, we have done several successful customized projects in high technology areas, adding value over existing hardware / software platforms, turnkey projects & third party product support. Recently AEM was awarded first prize for Excellence in the area of R&D in Electronics by Government of India & by MOD for Excellence in Indigenization of Defense Stores & Equipment.

Our MD, Mr.Naresh Aggarwal, himself being an Electronics Engineer from IIT Delhi, and Masters in Science from UC, Berkeley, is the mentor and inspiration behind AEM’s three-decade strong sustained development and growth.

“Our country has seen tremendous growth during the past few years, even as most developed world economies have been battling recession and resource crunch.
As the opportunity for development remains strong, the enormous penetration of technology in all the spheres, is mandating heavy investments in technology platform upgrades, online connectivity and wireless and fiber optic backbones for faster and more reliable data transfers.
India is witnessing a massive technology revolution, stemmed by our highly penetrated and robust cellular network, and compounded by the need to cut costs, cater to ever soaring world standards, India’s prominence on the global stage as well the internal & external pressures of terrorism and corruption; factors that mandate the need for transparency and accountability in all our systems, be it employment schemes, traffic management, public transportation systems, ration distribution systems or electricity metering.
India is headed towards a technologically empowered governance, to render its systems reliable and human-error free, transparent, accountable and traceable. We need innovative end-to-end solutions, designed and customized as per India’s local needs and infrastructural inadequacies, cultural diversities and environmental conditions; not just some off-the-shelf products imported from USA, Europe or China.
This is precisely the void AEM envisages to fill.
What this company brings to the table, is over 3 decades of cumulative experience of a 100 plus engineers with a holistic design background all across the spectrum, be it in the fields of Aerospace, Railways, Telemetry or State-of-the-art Communications.
In this company, we take pride in the fact that with ever changing end-user aspirations and evolving times, we are able to churn out a physical solution in the shortest possible time. In fact, this is the main thing that we constantly strive to achieve in this company; how to apply innovation to design holistic yet cost-efficient solutions, that too in a reasonably short time span, to empower our customers with technology, while maintaining simplicity and efficiency in their operations.
As technology is progressing, the shelf life of an electronic product is diminishing. More and more models and features are required at every step, while the form-factor, size and interface are getting smaller. A proactive team of designers to manage and react to the changes is the only way forward in this high-technology era.
The strength of AEM is the application of the wide, multi-disciplinary knowledge base of our designers to design integrated information systems applicable across the industry spectrum, that would be customized to your business needs, operational intricacies and cost aspirations.
I invite you to be our business partner, channel partner, supplier, co-designer, co-developer; to share our vision and collaborate towards shaping state-of-the-art solutions that would contribute towards shaping our Industry, Society and the India of our dreams.”

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Latest News

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Key Markets

SCRYBE-Bluetooth Printer
A Bluetooth enabled wireless Portable Thermal Printer, ideal for Mobile Point of Sale bill/receipt printing applications.

Mr. Naresh Aggarwal
CEO & Managing Director